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  • October 1 - 31, 2020 Scarecrow Festival
    October in Cambria and San Simeon holds a special appeal! The weather is at its most spectacular and the Annual Scarecrow Festival, named to Travel Channel's Don't Miss List, is in full swing. It's a great time to experience the area at its quirky and creative best. All month long, scarecrows showcase the artistic creativity, whimsical spirit and sense of humor that the communities of Cambria and San Simeon represent. Hundreds of scarecrows line the streets, shop windows and beach fronts of these coastal communities. Make the most of your day with these great selfie partners!

    Special for 2020, there will be four displays set up around Cambria that allow for visitors to walk or drive past the displays, while maintaining current safety guidelines. The scarecrows will be positioned and displayed in well-defined areas around town that can be viewed by parking and walking. This year's inaugural Scarecrow Walks are unique in that each display is outdoors and they can all be easily enjoyed while maintaining social distancing. Use the Visit Cambria App as a guide through the festival with location details and previews of the scarecrows.
  • October 1 - 31, 2020 Scarecrow Walk
    The Scarecrow Festival has grown into a community-wide event with hundreds of scarecrows bowling, bathing, painting, pedaling, fishing and flying throughout Cambria and San Simeon. Over the years, the festival has grown into one of the most unique features of hand-crafted folk art in the U.S.  This year, the festival has been repositioned as a Scarecrow Walk – a way to enjoy the festival in a safe, responsible way with social distancing and wearing of masks. All the scarecrows will be positioned and spaced in specific, well-defined areas to make them easily viewed by parking and walking. The Scarecrow Walk is all outdoors and the scarecrows will be displayed throughout the whole month of October. The festival is following all of the California Department of Public Health guidelines for outdoor museums and galleries. This year’s theme for the San Simeon walking trail is zombies!
  • October 6 - 8, 2020 Central Coast Arthritis Bike Classic
    The ride takes place from October 6-7, 2020 and is expected to raise over $1 million dollars. Approximately 350 arthritis patients, families and supporters who are recruited by our staff will cycle over 525 miles raising funds and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation along Highway One. This event is marketed and publicized nationwide, with a focus in the state of California.

    Our participants are required to raise a minimum of $3,300+ each and do so by reaching out to a large number of donors locally and across the country. Your support of this event enables the Arthritis Foundation to support the mission through specific research, public health, and advocacy initiatives.

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