Sunset Travelers Will Love San Simeon

San Simeon is listed among the Runners Up in the 2018 Sunset Travel Awards. Listed as one of eight day trips, it’s another reason to visit this classic along Highway 1.

An excerpt from the award application as to why Sunset traveler’s will love San Simeon.

Q: Sunset readers will love it because…

A: In today’s fast paced day-to-day, San Simeon - located along California’s scenic Highway 1 - is the perfect coastal yet rural getaway. Many seek out Hearst Castle, originally known as Camp Hill, to capture a snapshot of the majestic art collection and experience a tour of the accredited museum. Mesmerizing travelers are the sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. San Simeon connects land and sea through its wildlife, history, culture and adventure. A simple escape from the daily grind and a throwback to California’s pristine open space is the epitome of life in the West.

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