Preserving San Simeon’s Natural Beauty

Thanks to a partnership with California State Parks, San Simeon is home to some of the country’s most breathtaking sights, unimaginable wonders and historic landmarks.

The California State Parks’ continuous efforts to preserve and protect San Simeon’s biology, culture and nature provide visitors from all over the world a chance to see the many unforgettable attractions it has to offer, including:

All within 8 miles of each other, these state-sponsored destinations offer a range of activities for different interests. Tour the historic and magnificent Hearst Castle, take a leisurely stroll along miles of serene state beach or enjoy a scenic hike on the San Simeon Creek Trail bordering the two San Simeon campgrounds.

Hearst San Simeon State Park
In addition to the sites listed above, Hearst San Simeon State Park is another spot maintained by the state of California that has a bounty of natural wonders to explore, and it counts both the San Simeon Creek and Washburn Primitive Campgrounds within its vast acreage. One of the oldest and best known in the California system, the park houses the beautiful Santa Rosa Creek and San Simeon Natural Preserves, and the fascinating Pa-nu Cultural Preserve.

While the Santa Rosa Creek Preserve boasts diverse coastal wetlands, ocean views and lush creekside landscape, the San Simeon Preserve is home to thousands of monarch butterflies that migrate there for the winter season each year. Stately Monterey pines also dot the area, where you can see one of the only four native groves of the tree left on earth.

At the Pa-nu Cultural Preserve, step into a 5,850 year-old archaeological site and view a day in the life of our prehistoric ancestors. There you will find evidence of how early Native Americans lived, including their tools, social organization, daily life practices and more.

Hikers will love the state park’s nature trail, a 3.3-mile excursion into unique riparian areas that feature breathtaking mountain views like Burnett Peak pictured above. Walkers will appreciate the easy, scenic Moonstone Beach oceanside trail that’s just a mile and a half south of the Hearst San Simeon State Park on Highway 1.

Enjoy all of these fascinating places during your stay, or explore more exciting attractions and recreational opportunities that await you.

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