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San Simeon offers a variety of activities, tours, and sightseeing locations for visitors to enjoy during their stay at one of the most beautiful destinations along the Central Coast.

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Activity Map for San Simeon

Learn all about San Simeon activities with this interactive activity map of the town. Plus, learn all about the history of San Simeon with our timeline. Download your map, now.

Art and Culture of San Simeon

Hearst Castle holds a trove of artwork, artifacts, and antiquities making San Simeon a must for art lovers everywhere. From ancient Roman marble to Tiffany & Co. silver, Hearst’s holdings are among the most impressive in California. Beyond Hearst Castle, San Simeon and neighboring communities value the arts and have become havens for artists and […]

Big Sur National Scenic Byway

Travel the route that hugs the California coast, providing access to austere, windswept cypress trees, fog-shrouded cliffs and the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean. Views include rugged canyons, towering redwoods, sea lions, and other marine life.

Black Swift Falls Trail

The Ragged Point Inn and Resort is located at the northernmost corner of San Luis Obispo County, 18 miles north of Hearst Castle on Highway 1, at the base of the Big Sur National Scenic Byway.


Set sail in San Simeon to explore an entirely different side of the town.

California Sea Otters

Just one of the many wildlife species that has made their home in San Simeon, the California Sea Otter can be seen year-round. The marine mammal calls San Simeon home.

California State Parks

Explore San Simeon through the California State park systems that works toward preserving the nature and wildlife here on the Central Coast.


Home to two campgrounds — San Simeon Creek Campground and Washburn Primitive Campground. The 541-acre San Simeon State Park boasts a diverse terrain that ranges from serene coastal settings to stately pine forest surroundings.

Cycling San Simeon

Whether you like to race, mountain bike or just cruise and admire the scenery, you’ll find a bike path to enjoy in San Simeon.


Fishing in San Simeon is about more than what you catch. It’s about standing above the water, soaking in pristine ocean views and reveling in a fishing experience that is uniquely San Simeon and unlike anything else in the world.


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