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  • January 16 - February 28, 2019 Estero Bluff State Park Self-Guided Walks
    Observe the diversity of life within the kelp forest while walking along the Estero Bluffs, north of Cayucos. Watch for sea otters playing in the kelp forest that they keep healthy. Be sure to bring your binoculars along for this self-guided hike.

    Estero Bluffs State Park is located north of Cayucos and west of Highway One from the intersection of North Ocean Street to Villa Creek. The park is approximately 355 acres consisting of grassland-dominated coastal terrace that slopes from Highway One to the Pacific Ocean. The property is bisected by San Geronimo and Villa Creeks.

    Download the Estero Bluffs State Park brochure here.
  • January 16 - February 28, 2019 Cambria Stewardship Cleanup Kit and Appreciation Tote Bag
    If you're an active visitor who cares about the places you play, connect with, and appreciate, you may want to take advantage of the new Stewardship Cleanup Kit opportunity, offered by the Cambria Tourism Board. Cleanup kits are available at the Cambria Chamber of Commerce and most lodging properties.

    Did you know that marine debris harms wildlife through both enlargement and ingestion? California Coastal Commission reports: "Birds, fish and mammals often mistake plastic for food. Some birds even feed it to their young. With plastic filling their stomachs, animals have a false feeling of being full, and may die of starvation. Common items like fishing line, strapping bands, plastic bags, and six-pack rings can hamper the mobility of marine mammals. Once entangled, animals have trouble eating, breathing or swimming, all of which can have fatal results. Plastics take hundreds of year to breakdown and may continue to trap and kill animals year after year unless it is picked up and disposed of."

    When you spend a valuable hour or two collecting marine debris and litter with friends, family, or on your own, you help protect wildlife and make a difference with your visit. High school aged family members may receive volunteer credit while on vacation; check with individual schools for eligibility.

    Your Cleanup Kit contains a collection bag, gloves, and a Marine Debris checklist. After your stewardship outing, return your checklist to the outlet where you received your kit. The checklist information may be used to help determine trends and sources of specific debris for future marine protection.
  • January 16 - February 28, 2019 Whale Trail Self-Guided Tour

    Along the Whale Trail you'll be looking over the waters of one of our nation's most spectacular marine protected areas, offering some of the best wildlife viewing in the world - including 34 species of marine mammals! Search for the heart-shaped blows of gray whales, tall dorsal fins of orcas, or feeding humpback and blue whales. Look for seals and sea lions on offshore rocks and sea otters wrapped up in kelp. You can see amazing marine life at the Whale Trail's shore-based sites at any time of year. 

    Be a wildlife steward. Give animals the space they need to eat, rest and socialize. Keep your distance and please do not touch, feed or chase wildlife. Enjoy and help protect this diverse and fragile marine environment.

    The Whale Trail is a series of sites where the public may view orcas, other cetaceans and marine mammals from shore. Learn more in this video

    Our mission is to inspire appreciation and stewardship of whales and our marine environment by establishing a network of viewing sites along the whales’ trails along the Salish Sea and the Pacific Coast.

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