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San Simeon News, March 2019

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA

The Historic Hearst Castle Turns 100

Since 1919, Hearst Castle has overlooked the serene coast of San Simeon. William Randolph Hearst nicknamed the castle, “The Enchanted Hill,” because of the architecture and landscape that resembles his dreams. Over the last 100 years, Hearst Castle has been through a rich history from hosting parties for the rich to now tours for the public. Read about the stories from the past and insights from recent years.

Experience the New Highway 1 Trail

Learn about the history of California when you travel the new History and Heritage Trail along Highway 1. As you admire the rugged landscape that meets the ocean, learn about the history of the communities that have been there for hundreds of years with this new interactive map. Tour a lighthouse that was maintained by one brave man or use this map to visit historic spots that are hidden in plain sight.

Bixby Bridge
Evening at Hearst Castle

Night Tours Now Offered at Hearst Castle

Explore Hearst Castle in a different light with their night tours this spring and fall. During this tour, the whole castle will be illuminated as you wander through the halls and into the library as well as other private rooms. Be taken back to the past with staff that will be clad in ‘30s attire, waiting on you as if you were a guest of Mr. Hearst.

Dream Weddings on the Central Coast

Celebrate your special day on the Central Coast with unique and dreamy venues. For a fairytale wedding look, no further than Hearst Castle. The castle was first built to entertain rich and famous guests with extravagant events but is open to the public for weddings. Read about this wedding venue and others on the Central Coast.

Highway 1 in San Simeon

Rediscovering Road Trips on the Central Coast

Reminisce on the days when road trips were planned out for hours and maps were needed for directions. California’s Highway 1 takes travelers out of cell phone service to truly experience quality time and the scenic highway. Read this article from Rich Cohen and be inspired to take your next trip through California’s Central Coast.

Skip the Cities for Seaside Escapes

Instead of traveling to big cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, discover somewhere in between on the Central Coast. San Simeon is an offbeat travel destination for tourists looking to experience outdoor adventures and the lifestyle of California. Explore a 100-year-old castle that overlooks the coast or stroll by the ocean safely viewing 5,000-pound elephant seals.

San Simeon Coastline

San Simeon News, February 2019

Elephant Seal Pup in San Simeon, CA

KSBY Covers Elephant Seal Pupping Season

Pupping season occurs once a year at the Piedras Blancas Rookery in San Simeon. During this time, you can see newborn pups on the beach with their mothers or in the shallow water learning how to swim. Plan your trip to San Simeon to watch these wide-eyed pups on the beach. Watch the story on KSBY.

America’s Golfing Couple Travels the Central Coast

Arizona natives, Alice and Danny Scott, travel through the Central Coast and recount the wonders they discovered. Starting at a world-class golf course and then driving Highway 1 Discovery Route down the coast, they find unique and worthwhile destinations. Read about relaxing stops at wineries by the ocean or viewing zebras from the historical Hearst Castle zoo.

Highway 1 Discovery Route - Road Trip
Hearst State Beach, San Simeon Cove

Offseason Adventures on the Central Coast

Discover new sightseeing opportunities and local festivals during offseason months when the summer crowds have left. Plan a trip to see elephant seal pups or tour Hearst Castle without the bustling crowds. Take advantage of the mild weather and offseason hotel discounts for your next trip to San Simeon.

California’s Best Kept Secrets with Curtis Stone

Renowned chef, Curtis Stone and Matt Ragghianti taste their way up the coast of California and discover hidden gems. Read about their most breathtaking stop on their road trip, Hearst Castle. Read about why this stop in San Simeon became the highlight of their trip.

Top of Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA
Highway 1 Discovery Route - Wonderful Road Trip

The Wonders of Highway 1 Discovery Route

Driving the Highway 1 Discovery Route takes you through the dreamy and rugged California Coast. As you drive down this winding road, pullover at the perfect stops to watch elephant seals and take in the pristine nature of the Central Coast. Read about sightseeing tips from master tour guides in this article.

Exchange Overly Crowded Destinations for a Trip to San Simeon

Skip overcrowded tourist locations and discover the Central Coast, that rivals some of the top travel destinations. Avoid the overcrowded beaches for a beach filled with elephant seals or explore Hearst Castle and its magnificent views. Exchange busy tourist destinations for a secluded coastline on the Highway 1 Discovery.

Outlook on Highway 1 Discovery Route

San Simeon News, January 2019

Hearst Castle is Named the Most Famous Home in California

The Travel Channel has named Hearst Castle the “most famous home in California.” The Castle sits on top of a hill that overlooks the rugged and pristine California coast. Within that expansive view, watch for zebras, llamas and other animals that now graze the estate. Read the article, and click to California, to see what tour the Travel Channel recommends.

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA
Big Sur, CA

Travel Pulse Names Highway 1 and Big Sur a Top Destination

Highway 1 and Big Sur are ranked among the top 25 world-class travel destinations for solo travelers. Drive down Highway 1, through Big Sur, for breathtaking views and a multitude of camping opportunities and finish with a historic tour Hearst Castle in San Simeon. This friendly stretch of coastline offers solo travelers private beaches and time to relax and reflect.

Marie Claire Magazine Includes Cambria as Top Destination

Need help planning the perfect trip to California’s coast? Get inspired by this weekend itinerary that will take you to hidden gems of the Central Coast. The weekend starts with unique stops and coastline views in Cambria. Check out tips in the story and find out where the locals eat and drink along the coast.

Wineries near San Simeon, CA
Elephant seals of Piedras Blancas

The Mercury News Highlights San Simeon’s Elephant Seals

When driving along Highway 1, don’t miss this stop near Piedras Blancas. This stretch of California coastline turns into a haven for elephant seals to leave and return throughout their life. Learn about the history of elephant seals making this Central Coast beach their home, covered by Lisa Wrenn of The Mercury News.

San Simeon: The Majestic Coast

Ronnie Greenberg provides an in depth look at San Simeon’s key attractions along Highway 1. Anchoring her stay at the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort, Greenberg guides guests to the majestic coast along San Simeon. From the Elephant Seals Rookery to the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse to Hearst Castle.

Explore San Simeon Outdoor Activites

RV’ing Around Northern California

Is RV travel your kind of getaway? Check out this two-week California road trip covering 1,600 miles across the Golden State. Day 4 features Hearst Castle and sunset at Point Piedras Blancas with the Elephant Seals in the foreground. Check out tips noted throughout the story specific for driving and parking your RV.

San Simeon News, December 2018

Best Holiday Home Tour

USA Today just released their nominees for 10 Best Readers’ Choice travel awards. Hearst Castle is thrilled to be among other notable properties nominated for the “Best Holiday Historic Home Tour.” Help us by casting your vote to make Hearst Castle champion and book your Hearst Castle Holiday Tour today. Voting ends December 10 and winners will be announced December 21.

Holiday Tours at Hearst Castle

San Simeon News, November 2018

How to Drink Your Way Through Laid Back Central California

Nathan Borchelt chronicle’s his adventures through San Luis Obispo County. San Simeon’s Cavalier is highlighted as an oceanfront resort with a rugged beachfront view. The selection of local wines, beers and craft ciders is noted.

Visit wineries in San Simeon or just miles away

San Luis Obispo is the Laid-back California Vacation Spot you have been looking for

San Simeon is featured as a must stop for hiking, Hearst Castle, elephant seal viewing Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and more when planning your vacation to San Luis Obispo County. Check out this article from Arizona Central.

Highway 1 is Open

Read about the chronicle's of Suzanne Koch's recent road trip, including a stop in San Simeon.

Check out this recent story with Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Lunch at Sebastian's in San Simeon, CA

San Simeon News, October 2018

One of the many events that San Simeon puts on is the scarecrow festival

Travel Channel's Number One Scarecrow Festival

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival in October celebrated its ten-year anniversary in a big way. The festival was noted as the number one Scarecrow Festival to see by The Travel Channel. The recognition resulted from the originality and season spirit showcased through the scarecrows. All month long, scarecrows created by community members displayed the artistic creativity, whimsical spirit and sense of humor that is Cambria and San Simeon. Hundreds of scarecrows line the streets; fill hotel lobbies, shop windows and beachfronts of these coastal communities.

San Simeon News, August 2018

Big Sur is back –and just in time

On August 19, 2018, Los Angeles Times reviewed stops and sites from Big Sur to Cambria after Highway 1’s opening. They admired the crowds of people that swarmed the San Simeon area. On the recommendations for what to see, Hearst Castle, Elephant Seal Landing, Piedras Blancas Light Station and Ragged Point Inn & Resort made the list.

Highway 1 Open for Business and Tourism Rebounds

On August 17, 2018, Pacific Coast Business Times highlighted impacts of opening Highway 1. Hotels and shops along the highway have experienced a flow of guests and customers after more than a year of stagnant business. The opening has caused an economic growth for cities such as San Simeon and Cambria.

San Simeon News, June 2018

Kids Playing at San Simeon State Beach

How to Take the Ultimate California Road Trip

On June 30, 2018, San Simeon makes Travel+Leisure list for Ultimate California Road Trips. Featuring San Simeon State Park insiders explore the no Internet, no map pristine nature of the destination.

Photo credit: Jessica Sample

A Best Place to Visit in August

On June 27, 2018, among destinations all around the world, Condé Nast Traveler named California’s Highway 1 as one of the best places to visit in August. Writer, Mark Ellwood, praised Esalen’s natural hot springs and the architectural glamor of Hearst Castle as the two must-see stops along the coast.

Bixby Bridge on historic Highway 1
Highway 1 landslide closed to through traffic

Highway 1 Set to Reopen in July

On June 19, 2018, The Washington Post reported that California's historic Highway 1 is set to reopen sooner than expected. After the worst landslide in California history, officials closed several points along Highway 1 for repairs. In July, however, motorists can once again drive on through to the other side. “Once we open this section, you can drive all the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Highway 1,” said Colin Jones, a spokesman for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). “It’s a monumental accomplishment.”

California Condor Flock in San Simeon Thriving

On June 5, 2018, The Cambrian reported that 16 juvenile California Condors released in the Pine Mountain-Rocky Butte region above San Simeon have been soaring and exploring the northern San Luis Obispo County coastal area. They are spectacular to view for those lucky enough to spot them in the skies above San Simeon.

Condor photo by Sebastian Seck

San Simeon News, May 2018

San Simeon Creek and State Park Campground

San Simeon Creek Campground Among the Top Spots in San Luis Obispo County

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reviewed the top campgrounds in the area listing San Simeon Creek among them. Located in the Hearst San Simeon State Park the location is 35 miles North of San Luis Obispo along Highway 1. For more information call 805-927-2010.

Hearst Castle and the San Luis Obispo Coast

Los Angeles Times writer, Christopher Reynolds, highlights four family-friendly driving trips. Hearst Castle and the San Luis Obispo Coast is one of the them highlighted to entertain your kids and sharpen your appreciation of California.

Photo credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

Photo credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

15 Cities to Visit on Your Highway 1 Road Trip

National Neighborhood news takes an in depth look at the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) citing 15 cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco with of course a stop in San Simeon. Stretching over 650 miles the PCH is one of the most beautiful drives in the country.


California Winter RV Parks

USA Today lists Hearst San Simeon State Park among the recommended RV travelers looking for great adventure in California.

Camping San Simeon State Park Washburn Campground
Chuck Graham Elephant Seals

Boucher Trail is a Treasure of Marine Mammals

A peak inside the sounds and sites of the marine life that outlines the 3.8 mile hike of the Boucher Trail. The waters along the coastal bluffs are part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Photo – Chuck Graham

Elephant Seals Annual Molting Ritual

Students at Cuesta College take an in depth look at the molting season when the top layer of hair and skin change. See expert interviews and more.

Photo – Elephant Seal Molting - Photos by Adrian Martino / Special Contributor – Journalism 201A Student

Elephant Seal Molting

San Simeon News, April 2018

Girls' Weekend + Zebras!

While reporting on why you need to make San Simeon part of your next girl's weekend, Susan Guillroy, from The Unexplorer captured an all too common site of our region: a herd of zebras charging alongside Highway 1. Watch the Wild Zebras of San Simeon gallop across Hearst Ranch.

CBS Sunday Morning Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals Take A Bow on CBS Sunday Morning

The long-running Sunday show, always closes each episode with amazing footage from around the globe, and on April 15, they ran a montage of San Simeon’s stars: the elephant seals. Watch the Elephant Seals on CBS Sunday Morning.

Hearst Named Coolest Castle in America

A recent story in Parade Magazine named San Simeon’s Hearst Castle one of the coolest castles in the land.

Hearst Castle in San Simeon
San Simeon Coastline

Wine and Winning Views

The Roadtrippers charted a fun-filled course through San Simeon and our neighboring town Cambria, highlighting Hearst Ranch Winery and the stunning views from Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. Read more from the Roadtrippers.

A Man Dedicated to His Castle

During a girl’s trip to San Simeon, Susan Guillroy, from The Unexplorer, made her inaugural trip to Hearst Castle. Her journey through the grounds of the castle peaked her curiosity about the man behind it all, William Randolph Hearst.

Photo Credit: Susan Guillory

Photo Credit: Susan Guillory
Elephant Seals of San Simeon at the Piedras Blancas Rookery

Elephant Seals Among the 7 Best Wildlife Migrations

Witnessing wildlife migrate to warmer climates and breeding grounds and seeing them in their natural habitat is a great way to plan your next family vacation. Peter Greenberg, front-line travel news journalist lists elephant seals in San Simeon among the nation’s top.