San Simeon is the perfect snuggle spot for a romantic getaway, offering up sweeping ocean views, beachside dining, exhilarating hiking, and extravagant opulence.

Make the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort your homebase for Central Coast adventures. Located in the heart of San Simeon, Cavalier offers oceanfront dining, spa services, fire pits, and plenty of beach access for long strolls in the sand. If you’re looking to hunker down for the weekend, not a problem – Cavalier’s room service will bring the champagne to you! Whether you’d celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, Galentine’s Day with your bestie, or just taking in some well-deserved time for yourself, Cavalier will help you decompress and relax.

Cavalier Oceanfront Resort

While you’re in the area, take some time to explore the many beaches of San Simeon and the Central Coast. A long walk on the beach provides plenty of opportunity to nuzzle up next to each other as you take in the windswept ocean views. Go hunting for tidepools together to tally up as many little mussels, starfish, and sea life that you can. Seek out jade, moonstone, and other beautiful rocks along the sands of Moonstone Beach in Cambria. Watch otters playing in the surf, and give elephant seals plenty of room if they’ll haul out up on to the shore at Hearst Beach. Romantic walks along the beaches of San Simeon and Cambria quickly turn into memories made.

Hearst Castle is another way to indulge while you’re in San Simeon. It’s hard not to be swept away by the sheer opulence of the building alone and the views are even more breathtaking. Choose the Cottages & Kitchens tour to take in the luxurious gilded cottages and magnificent wine cellar as you dream what you’d do with all that wine.

Speaking of wine, you’re in the heart of coastal wine country so it’s only reasonable to pop across Highway 1 to the Hearst Ranch Winery tasting room. Make reservations so you can relax into the magnificent views of the Pacific as you taste some of the best wine from the area. Consider heading into Cambria as well, where there are plenty of other tasting rooms including Stolo, Cutruzzola, and more. Grab a bottle or two of your favorites to share back at your room.

If you’re looking for activities while you’re in the area, the Cambria Film Festival is an annual favorite for film lovers to experience the best new films around. And with much of the Festival available virtually, you can enjoy some in person and others from the comfort of your hotel. The ever-popular BlendFest is another fantastic option as local winemakers showcase their creativity and expertise. The Winemaker Dinner will be an unforgettable even for you to share together.

Finally, one of the most memorable things to do in San Simeon is simply to soak in the beauty around you. From dazzles of zebra near Hearst Castle to elephant seal rookeries to the awe-inspiring cliffs towards Ragged Point, there is no shortage of wonders to take in with your partner. And as night sets in, lay back and go constellation hunting – or, make up your own. The expansive, starry night skies provide endless opportunities to dream.

San Simeon Beach Picnic